The purpose of this curation is to support the audience of preschool children, their families & caregivers, and early education professionals to continue their learning in the comfort of their homes. Curation visitors are welcomed with a video sharing about the content provided and navigation directions. The curation provides the audience groups with resources on a variety of platforms. These platforms include web links, PDF documents, videos, podcasts, and Google Files. 

The child audience curation is for the preschool groups (ages 3-5). In this audience group, you will find activities meeting core concepts of math, language & literacy, art & creativity, science, social-emotional, and movement. These resources also meet the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines. The guidelines are also available for users to review and make connections. 

Families & Caregivers audience group can find resources supporting mental health, family connections, meaningful interactions, and podcasts. 

ECE Professionals will find classroom resources, STARS for professional development, and early learning network connection outlets. These resources support all audiences dealing with the current world situation and beyond. The website will be updated regularly to give all audience members with new and exciting ideas!

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